I certainly remember hearing “at your age” as a teenager ~

What were you thinking, at your age you should know better !  Said before or after ~ If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you ?

Now, as a senior citizen, I hear AYA in a completely different context ~

Well, you could, but at your age

At your age, do you think …

But, at your age, it wouldn’t …

You probably shouldn’t, after all, at your age

Couldn’t ~ Wouldn’t ~ Shouldn’t ~ What ?

What am I ?

Infirm?   Incompetent ?   Feeble ?   Physically ?   Mentally ?   Emotionally ?

Sure, on any given day ~ a moment, a minute, an hour, or on a bad day, the entire freakin’ day might be a waste of time.

It’s called old age ~ I’m retired ~ you’re elderly ~ she’s old fogey ~ he’s an old-timer ~ she’s a geezer.

You’re either old or you’re dead.

And at my age … so far, I’m just old !

Get over it.