About Me

Kate ready to go

I was born, raised, and lived my first  25 years in  NYC – da’ Bronx.   Over the next 35, I lived in 3 or 4 states, raised my family, and after a long marriage, suddenly became a divorced empty-nester in the Heartland.       

Having always had an opinion, (w/a NYC attitude), and being vocal about it, along with a love of reading and writing, I had a weekend newspaper column in the Midwest, writing about life – its little annoyances and its joys – as seen through the perspective of both a New Yorker and a Midwesterner.   Some of what you read here, on this blog, may be fiction, not always a personal reflection. 

When the newspaper changed editors, I went out with the bathwater.  So, as a 2008 New Year’s resolution, I decided to blog and began in June 2008.   

I plan to begin my  New Year’s resolution diet any day now. 

Well – as they say in Playboy ~

  • Turn-on’s ~ going out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at least twice a week.
  • Turn-off’s ~ two-faced, back-stabbing catty women, anyone w/cell phones attached to their ears or lips, and insincere, unctous, devious people – especially women – but I already said that.
  • Virtues ~ I usually give everyone three or four chances, forgiving them those three or four, as it could have been just a bad-hair day.
  • Vices ~ After that last chance – not a chance in hell !
  • My philosophy ~ “Man plans, God laughs.”   Life doesn’t always go as planned, no matter how hard I try to control it.  I’ve finally learned to shrug and go with it – or to find a way to go around it – which usually teaches me another lesson.
  • Hobbies ~ Reading and writing and gardening and reading and writing.
  • Favorites Movies ~ All the old MGM musicals – followed by an eclectic mix from The Pawnbroker, The Great Escape, Sleuth, Hope Floats, My Cousin Vinnie and a million others that I can’t remember without getting maudlin or drunk.
  • Favorite TV Shows ~ The original and genuine Law & Order ~ Dzundza & Noth; Noth & Sovino; Noth & Orbach; Orbach & Bratt; Orbach & Martin; Martin & Govich; Martin & Sisto – next ????
  • Favorite Musicians ~ JPG&R ~ I was at the 2nd Ed Sullivan Show, Carnegie Hall, Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, and Shea Stadium.  BEATLES 4 Ever! 

Yours ’til God laughs – Kate


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. keep blogging. I like your blog. My little brother writes for the WSJ and is one of the best you’ll meet, I know a good writer when I read one—you are such.

  2. You rock. I will be back often just to know that you’re still writing, laughing, and serving up your opinions (and they ARE very entertaining!). Thanks!

  3. There’s a new cop ‘ n robbers show coming soon – Brooklin – maybe it will surpass Law & Order?

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