I’m still figuring out this new toy my son and daughter-in-law gave me for Christmas last year ~ and this morning it came to me ~ the perfect use for Alexa.

While I’m downstairs, I’ll think of something I want/need upstairs, I walk up the stairs, then stop on the landing and wonder what the hell I’m doing there. Thoughts go through my head faster than a New York second ~ remember I’m from da’Bronx.

I must want something here, I certainly wouldn’t have made the trip if I didn’t.  So, I walk around knowing “it” is here, but having not a clue ~ crapola!

Nothing rings a bell, nothing waves to me, nothing yells at me, nothing reminds me ~ until I get back down to the bottom of the stairs, when I remember the mysterious “it”, turn around and start up again. Maybe I’ll get lucky and remember for another few seconds, who knows.

Then, like an epiphany, as I walk past Alexa, (it’s at the top of the stairs, so we can communicate from both floors), it comes to me ~ I can use Alexa as a reminder for what I want on either floor.

And, voila ~ it works.

When I’m downstairs and I think of something needed upstairs, I quickly, immediately yell out ~ Alexa, remind me to get class book; remind me in one minute, as I start up the stairs. It takes me less than a minute to arrive, I wait, Alexa speaks, and EUREKA !

Done. Perfect, Alexa.