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Runners - Brighton Marathon 2011

Runners - Brighton Marathon 2011 (Photo credit: Brighton photographer)

Okay, so it’s an early Saturday morning in April and I want to start my errands first thing ~ around 8am or so. But what happens, I run into runners. Almost.

It never fails: cops, cops cars, and flashing lights, along with all the folderol that accompanies these folks who run, sometimes walk, are in every intersection between me and my destination.

From the first Saturday in March, until the last Saturday in October, getting around town, (my downtown, urban city neighborhood), I’m stymied at every turn. It takes planning and organization for days, maybe weeks in advance, to figure out how I’m going to spend my Saturday morning.

The first year I ran into this, I tried to beat it. Detouring north, south, east, and west, all I did was spend more money on gas, than groceries. What a waste of my time ~ but I’m stubborn, focused that way.

Then I signed on for email notifications by the DOT, so I’d know what streets were closed a few days in advance.

Next, I’d shop at those stores that were still relatively accessible without going too far out of my way.

And I’d have to plan my menu’s according to what I knew was available at that reachable store.

See – planning, planning, and planning.

While those runners are just running around in circles ~ same as me.

(Me? I’d be dead last or just plain dead.)

Yours ‘til, Kate