It’s about six eight months into my retirement. Here’s what I’ve been finding out:

04/15/2012 – I’ve recognized two peculiarities ~ 1) I don’t get the Sunday night blues – the oh noooooo, it’s Monday dread. You know, after every weekend, going to school every Monday, then going to work every Monday – for what ? Can you believe for about 40 years ! And, 2) Those two new workdays after six months of not working, are sort of, kinda’ messing up my week. And I’m working very hard on not thinking about that, thank you very much.

03/12/2012 – I found a two-day-a-week temporary position, through an agency. I go in on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, 8 to 5. It’s a minimal job with minimal tasks, and minimal pay, and, so far, (disclaimer), I love it.

02/23/2012 – I’m finally getting around to look for a part-time job. But it’s work.

02/8/2012 – I’ve admitted to myself that sloth and gluttony have taken over my life and I’m too slothful to do anything about it. Everything I promised myself I would do, I don’t do, because tomorrow is another day.

02/03/2012 – I’m still dealing with the paperwork that I sooooooooo took for granted while employed. Every time you look at your paycheck – check out all those deductions, that, when you retire, YOU’LL be responsible for arranging. I had a very hard time convincing a CSR that an insurance payment had cleared their bank two weeks ago – they argued they hadn’t received it yet, and wouldn’t look for it, because “cleared” meant the day MY BANK put it in the mail! Those HR and Accounting folks, who’ve shown gargantuan restraint by never killing / wounding / maiming anyone, with the calls they get, or the calls they make, must get special places in heaven. All the rest deserve pardons by the Governor. I miss them so.

01/19/2012 – Nowadays, I’m having trouble not getting up and going to work, though at the same time, I don’t want to go to work, yet I know I’m becoming more and more lazy, and I’m not liking that about myself, but, I do feel I should be doing something with my life, however, I don’t want to get up early and shower, get dressed to go to work everyday, then again, those thoughts, maybe because I’m older, zip right thought my mind now, and I forget these catch-22 ponderings for a week or so, until I remember them again; whenever that happens, like today, now. You know what I mean?

01/10/12– Everyone who visited over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday’s, asked me what I was doing with my life and/or what was I planning to do with my life, now that I’m retired. Then they told me what I should be doing ~ Pilates at least twice a week, bridge – something about learning and paying to play at the same time, art and/or photo classes, volunteering somewhere, joining a neighborhood and/or a city committee or project, a senior-swim – huh? So, I bought another pair a pj’s, and snuggled in for the winter.

12/14/11– I’ve recently had an urge or two to eat from a paper plate.

11/08/11– I suddenly realized that I’m going to have to budget more for TP/tee-pee/toilet paper; I’m home more ~ not using the company wipe! But – I’m saving money on deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, face and body creams, cosmetics, etc., etc., etc. But spending more on FOOD !

10/05/11– For some unexplainable reason, I’m slowing down when approaching an intersection. When I was much younger, (only a few weeks ago), we always knew to stay away from the driver who was an “old guy with a hat.” Especially those scally / race driver / newsboy / flat / Uncle Pat golf hat hats !

09/21/11 – You have to be prepared to mail all your retirement paperwork at least a half-dozen times and six ways to Sunday. I’ve certified, returned receipted, scanned, emailed, and faxed this stuff repeatedly. So, today I got a letter asking for something I scanned two weeks ago. Ugh!

09/01/2012the first day of my retirement. Whew – I don’t know what to feel but I know I don’t HAVE to feel “up to go to work.”

Yours ’till, Kate