English: Two small cans of Spam. One is closed...

I’m beginning to like spam – it keeps me busy with the rotating-head and shoulder-rolling exercises, and it adds a few laughs to the day.

Every week I get about 100 or so spam comments ? / observations ! and remarkably they seem to read the same.

And canned it is.

I think spammers copy spam from each other – ?  or Duh ?

I can’t copy and paste a slice o’ spam/SOS here, ’cause I can this crap-ola ASAP.

One came in just now – I’ll check it in a minute.

By the end of the week, the pile of spam, usually boils down to something like this ~

I agree/love/like your post.  I agree/love/like your blog.  I agree/love/like everything about you.

Jeez – that’s unconditional love if I ever heard it.  Sincere too, huh?

Your post/blog is very insightful.  Your post/blog is very helpful.  Your post/blog presents a different point of view – one I’ve never considered.

Jeez – you mean, I actually had a hat-trick, hit a home-run, scored?

I’ll be back to read more.  I’ll continue to read your blog.  I’ll read your blog every day for the rest of my life.

And “how come” they never subscribe?

Then, after all that praise, the last sentence in that SOS, is usually a request to go to another post/blog for their POV.

What a let down, I’m crushed.

Yup – the latest one, tells me to check out WHATEVER – no, I won’t do it  & I won’t link it here.

Oh yeah – the length and language.  Every once in a while, the SOS, is elephantine and in an undecipherable language.

Ditto – for this latest SOS; it contains only a few words in English, maybe Google and WHATEVER – sigh.

Sounds like spammer self-love to me. (SSL?)

Yours ’till, Kate