Company was coming  and what I like best about company, is cleaning up for them.  Oh sure, I keep the house pretty clean, but I do get lazy and before I know it everything is dusty, messy, and there’s way too much crap piling up.  

But with company coming, I not only have to clean, and I do, I now have an excuse to buy something new or to replace something old.  This time is was something new ~ a water-cooler type, self-watering cat bowl.  Yep –  just a plain ol’, plain ol’ water bowl for Kitty.  

Because sooner or later,  Rob and Janice will probably walk into the kitchen, and there on the floor, what once was a plain white plastic bowl, is now something that looks like an undiscovered limestone formation from the Carlsbad Caverns.  

I’ve tried lye liquid removers,  a knife, a screwdriver, a hammer and chisel, and only succeeded in cracking the plastic and making lime-scale-flakes.  (That I just can’t find a use for.)

Now, I have an excuse  to buy one of those upside down, water jugs for Kitty, that I’ve always wanted.  With a quick trip to Smart Pets, I was back at home with a self-waterer in a jiff.  It looks like what you have in your own kitchen; you fill up a little jug, then it flip upside down into the trough-like bowl.  Nice and neat and mineral free.

I took up Kitty’s old stuff, had to scrub the floor, then started fixing up his new water bowl.  Well, that jug thing didn’t work – twice!  I had water from one end of the kitchen to the other, across the laundry room floor, and on all the counters! Crapola!  What a mess.  Coincidentally, doing a laundry of towels was next on my company-clean-up list.

And there was no way  I was not going to return that self-waterer.  I got the bag and the receipt and packed it up.  Yep – $14.00, right there on the receipt, Cat Self-Feeder – huh?  FEEDER?   Well, crap – no wonder …

‘Bet Rob and Janice won’t even notice how clean the countertops are.