It was  an easy errand to run on the way home ~ all I needed was toilet paper.

What I found was “Bath Tissue.”

What’s that ~ something to use while you’re in the tub – to wash with ? Out of the tub – to dry with ?

Do shower  stalls count – for anything ?

No wonder  English is so hard to learn – can’t we just say, well, what would you say?

Tissue to wipe  your privates with after you urinate or have a bowel movement?

Or “take a dump” as my 16-year-old nephew says.

Euphuisms ~ can’t live without ’em; ’cause I just can’t say a**-wipe !

Bath tissue  is what I bought, a GREAT BIG 24 roll package.

With Halloween  coming up, it might come in handy ~ with 24 rolls I figure I could take a shower, then answer the door wrapped in bath tissue~ mummy style !

(If you need more wipe-info, here’s a real reference ~   “Toilet Paper” )