Thanks Thomasina !

I’ve been busy and tired and lazy ~ what the hell, I have to say it aloud ~ this blog fell off my piled-high-with-other-crap plate a few months ago. 

 I kept planning on coming back – but never did anything about until today, when I found Thomasina.

Thomasina found this blog, enjoyed it and wrote a comment thanking me.  But, I’d been gone for so long; I’d forgotten how to respond to her to say thanks.   

Really.  I mistakenly erased her comment – just a brief comment – but it was the slap upside my head that I needed to get back in this saddle.

I’d forgotten people read my stuff and that sometimes they share their time with me, to comment.

WOW – how great is that. I don’t know her, I didn’t pay her, and Thomasina’s not my mother.

I hope you come back, Thomasina, to visit me again, to read this, and that it brightens your day, as it did mine, to hear “Thanks.”

(And you’re a real human aren’t you – not a cat or anything – huh? )