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Mowed and weeded and fed and flowered and fenced and done.

Last year at this time it was done too and next year – well, next year isn’t here yet.

It’s been so hot, so humid, it took days between the rain, the heat, and yes, the humidity, to get it done.

Later on this week it’ll have to be done again – but later on isn’t here yet.

I love mowing the lawn.

The sense of accomplishment when I look out the window, from an air-conditioned house, at the lowered and neatened-up lawn is overwhelming.

The relief I feel at surviving the wobbly knees, shaking legs, profuse sweating, then celebrating with a Margarita is better.

(BTW ~ the lawn is 60 x 120 feet and the mower is gas.)

Yours ’til, Kate