If I want  something to come out the door with me – I absolutely, positively MUST put it right in front of my front door, so that when I unlock the door, I actually have to move whatever it is, in order to open the door.

But that  doesn’t end it – because I then have to remember to turn back, pick it up, and TAKE IT WITH ME, praying that I don’t put it down when I turn back to lock the door.

If I’m bringing  something into the house, I plop it down next to the front door, walk away, and continue on with my life.

An hour or two later, I’ll see the object and wonder why it’s in the foyer, so I’ll take it into the living room and put in on the nearest chair, or into the dining room and on the table.

Now, depending  on when next I pass this precious cargo, it could sit there for days, weeks, or months – so far, not years.

And I can’t tell  you how many times I’ve walked right by something that I really needed to take care of.

I can’t tell you  – because I don’t remember !