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Those Prius  nature people ads creep me out.   You know, the big yellow and orange sun, the green grass and trees, the fields of wheat, blue bubbling stream, and white clouds – yuck !  It’s all undulating,  like a can of worms – multicolored gummy worms. 

And Lindsay Wagner  doing the Sleep Number Bed commercials, her face swathed in Doris Day gauze.    I don’t know if they should put more gauze on her to completely mummify her face then have her rise/revive from the mattress, or less gauze so we can see the wrinkles and get on with our lives.  Ponder this – does her filtered face take the focus away from the foam?

Those pizza delivery roaches  – YUCK !  But I do think it’s the voice of the roach that’s really scary – I guess I think that that’s how a roach would sound – if I ever heard one – if they could talk –  huh ? 

The guy from Sham Wow  and his food chopper deserve a slap up side the head!

Pepto Bismol’s  dancing diarrhea, in rehearsal or performance,  is GROSS !

And how long  did it take you to figure out that it was an “asterisk”? 

Axe  something or other – what is it the product and why/how are they selling sex with EVERY item.  Never mind – duh.

OK – what’s your idea  of yucky / bad / worst commercials ?