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Today at lunch  I asked DJ, “Well, how many more days ’til you split this hick town?”

“It’s not  days anymore – it’s back to years – at least three.”

“What ? Why years?  I thought you were all set to retire in June or July ?”

“Because  in the past year, I’ve lost over $60,000 of my retirement pension.”  She took of sip of Chambord on ice, and continued, while I sat with my mouth hanging open. 

“And I hope  to hell that it  only takes three years  to recoup this loss.” she said on the second gulp.

The truth is  that DJ has been planning her retirement for years – almost to the point of being comical. 

Her goal  has been to retire before she’s 60, while her friends, me included, are always teasing her about it.  “Geez, DJ, just buy it for God’s sake, you can’t take it with you.” we’d tout at some art fair alien-looking object d’art she’d be drooling over – but not often purchasing.

Suddenly  I had a déjà vu moment – a few weeks ago, another friend told me that she was delaying her retirement because of a hit her pension took. 

Now,  I’m thinking that if my “baby boomer” friends can’t retire and will have to continue working to recoup these recent losses – we’re going to have a lot of very GROUCHY old people in the workforce for the next few – 3, 5, 10 years. 

Imagine it ~ From a 70 year old unable to retire ~   

  • You wanted what ?  Wadda’  think this is – a restaurant?  Oh, oh yeah, I forgot.   So what – eat this or die!
  • Get off – Get off now – Get the hell off this bus before I …
  • I said, I’m looking for the Murphy file,  I’m looking for it as fast as I can, and when I find it, I’ll give it to you as fast as I can – GOT IT!
  • Is that credit or debit – or are you paying cash just so you can rub my nose in it, you little sonnavabitch.

 So to ponder ~

Many Baby Boomers have been working for about 40 years  but now have retirement/pension plans decimated by this DEPRESSION  –  now what ?    Bailouts?

With so many  companies closing and employees losing their jobs – if Baby Boomers lose their jobs, plus take these pension hits  –  now what ?

Consider  the ripple effects on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and more – now what ?

So, how the hell  do over 13 million, American Baby Boomers make up these losses – now what ?   (Census Bureau info)

That fast moving bus  is starting to look better and better .