So, I made  this hot tuna pasta salad, settled in in front of the TV, choose American Idol over Ugly Betty – and AI wasn’t too bad tonight.  

I thought  they made much ado about nothing – but they did visit two cities in one show – NYC and Puerto Rico, flip flopping back and forth between cities and contestants. 

That probably  worked, but I didn’t see it as anything special.

There was Jessica  who has entered 700 contests and has won some, but not this one – then she argues, pleads, and begs – bye, bye Jessica.

Another hopeful,  likes to sing and dance naked in her bedroom and hopes her singing uplifts humanity.  Simon said she was a happy little thing and she got happier ’cause she won a yellow ticket.

The Crazy  Rocker didn’t win but Norman did. 

Next week  is the first show from Hollywood  – yawn & stretch or ohmigawd spectacular ????