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Barack Obama  – 44th President – we’ve transferred the presidency 44 times over the past 220 years.  America has had, said, and done it all: honorable and horrific; revolutions and revolutionary, imaginable and unimaginable – but the United States stands as an independent, self-governing omnibus.  By the luck of the draw or the will of God ~ I am proud to be an American.

Barack & Michelle – I’m too old for them – imagine, dancing with their arms around each other – have we ever seen that before ????  But – I do love that they stayed out past midnight.

Obama & Roberts – the FLUB – equaled the Diana & Charles reversed names wedding-vows flub.  No problem – it’s always the intent; witnesses are just the icing.

Obama & Bidden – diddin’cha’ just love it when Biden tried to make a joke at the swearing-in of senior staff folk, about Roberts’ oath stumble  ?  Obama’s compressed lips never moved – but his right arm slowly raised, his right hand touching Biden’s elbow, steering Joe to the podium.  I wonder if Obama squeezed tightly, his vibe’s traveling to Biden’s brain – “Shut up and just do your job!  No jokes, no jibes, nothing except YOUR JOB, JOE !”

Obama & Hillary – I’m still disappointed Hill didn’t win – oh, well – time will.  

Obama – putting in time on Saturday – it’s about goddamn, (interjection only) time, someone works overtime on our issues – YES !  

Jill Biden & Oprah – The audience did – but I wasn’t sure that Op, (rhyme’s w/nope), caught the faux pas until later ????  

Miss America – Katie Stam from Indiana – huh ?   Miss America this week ?  Inauguration week ?   Who scheduled that ?   I love that I didn’t say anything about this last week – hindsight is a blessing as long as   …

Blago  (Blagojevich) – one attorney down – how many more to go ? 

  • Blago – from me to you – resign, please.  Do it with grace – don’t go away – come back contrite – be the ultimate  underdog that everyone wants to give a second chance to – huh – ?

Please – got any names in the names/opinions ?

Yours  ’til God laughs – Kate