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my car key remote to also open my house door – right ?  I have my keys in my hand, a grocery bag or two, my handbag, the mail – CLICK, turn doorknob, I’m in; CLICK – door locks behind me.  Done !

baseboards that flip-up, hiding a vacuum system  that sucks away the cat hair, dog hair, and dust bunnies at floor level – right ?   I hit a switch, a few baseboard sections flip-up, exposing a slit through which a stream of mega-suction cleans up under the bed, the couch, the kitchen floor, and everywhere else – from all sides of the room !

What else do I want ? 

Feb 22, 2009 ~   in looking up directions and addresses on Google maps, I even need the aerial view – so everyone should be painting their addresses numbers on their roofs – right ?

 What do you want ?