Okay – second week – third show.  Disclaimer – I’m not a Myidol watcher – just a blogger.

I missed  Tuesday’s show and after tonight’s –  I’ve become jaded.

Today’s audition-show  was only an hour long, so it was only half as bad as last week’s show. 

Maybe not even half.  They either edited the hell out of the show or there was a car-wash opening in Kain-tuk someplace, giving away those hanging pine-tree deodorizers, that was more appealing.

Right off the bat, there were the usual screeching cats, costumed wanna-be’s, criers, and beggars.

Instead of saying, “have a good day” some poor soul said, “be careful” as he left after losing, and Paula took it as a threat, with Simon backing her up.  I’m pretty sure that was a first. 

Oh well, back to the nerd, the zebra, the vibrato, the over excited-woo-woo-kid,  all sent home empty handed.

Then the last contestant – Leneshe (sp? I couldn’t write that fast) – singing a song she wrote and pretty well too.

Maybe one hour was enough – ya’ think?