I’m sorry – I’m in the crowd that ONLY watches the auditions.  That’s it – I confess.

Find my New Year’s resolution post and you’ll see that I hate all kinds of reality shows, including Idol – but I forgot about the auditions – I love them. 

I wonder why some contestants aren’t stars already and I figure that the last dozen or so finalists are going to be stars no matter who wins.  So for me, I’m an audition lookie-lou.  Tonight was Kansas City, Missouri.  

Anoop-Dog ?

I watch these try-outs with the remote in my hand and my thumb on the channel switch.  My anxiety is almost unbearable – I click off on the first sour note, like a gunslinger at the first twitch of an eye.

Good-ish ?

I giggled at the for-no-good-reason costumed contestants, the dancers, acrobats, and tonight, even cheerleaders cheering for someone else.  A banana-man, a money-suit, endearing sisters, a widower, and a school band director all competed an hour ago – but only 3 won the yellow tickets to LA.

Signed ?

Worse is the exceedingly courageous and over-confident but off-key, out-of-tune, out-of-pitch, out-of-talent, or no-talent hopefuls.  I pity them. I cringe; I clench my teeth, and change the channel so fast my cat doesn’t notice.

Sealed ?

I have no musical talent – not a scintilla – and everyone I know will tell you so.   One young contestant learned the hard way that his mother was right. 

Delivered ?

I think Ryan said that thousands had come to these auditions and only 26 would be going to LA.  I’ve no talent for math either, but those odds are ginormous. 

I’m yours – until the finals!


So, are you into the reality or the auditions