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This isn’t about morals – it’s just about the word. 

The word is “kids.”

Kids are young goats!

They are not my children or your children.

Kid gloves  are not my child’s mittens – or anything else of my child’s.   Kid-skin were made from the skin of a young goat or lamb or similar, and were softer and more delicate than gloves made from heavier leather.  In wearing and working in kid gloves, you had to be gentle, else you’d rip the kid skin leather.

 We’re teaching children in school, not kids.

 It’s No Child Left Behind – not No Kid Left Behind.

Here’s looking at you, kid– was not said to a young goat or to a child, but was said to someone casually – “kidding-ly.”

 End – I child you not ?  No – I kid you not!