Did you ever wonder ~ why cars seem t0 break-down right after you’ve filled the tank? 

Mine did  it again this afternoon. 

I filled it, went to work, went to go to lunch – and click, click-click, click-click-click-click – DEAD  BATTERY on a full Tank.   It’ll fix but …

Filling up  the tank always makes me happy – like I can drive forever – get away  from the  hoards if I have to – run away from them if I want to.

Breaking down  with a full tank really depresses me  – I’ve spent all that money and can’t profit from it. 

Then I have to  give the broken-down car, w/its full of tank of gas, to some repairperson – who, after fixing it, will take it for a test drive, which uses some gas.

The result is a less then full tank and until I fill it up again – it’s just not the same.

Or am I running on less then a full tank.

So – ever have  a break-down on a full tank ?