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Blago– Blagojevich – I’m usually for an underdog – but not an embarrassing one.

Bush – Good Luck and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Flint & Francis – Remember Francis the Talking Mule – in a costume – both of these guys would be the rear-end. 

Frank – Barney Frank – I just love this guy; if he ever goes bad, we may as will pack it in and admit defeat.

Gupta – no opinion – I’ll wait and see.

Madoff– I can not believe he’s not in jail – did I mention GITMO?

Obama – Good luck, keep grounded, work, play, and pray hard.  

Palin – we gave her her 15 minutes of fame, now she wants to revisit us – we can switch the channel.

Panetta – I’m undecided on this one – having someone not connected may be a good thing, but if not, get someone else without delay.

Gotta’ name in the news?