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BBB / 101.03 ~ a follow-up to Name & Address Please

So, you’ve searched the web six-ways-to-Sunday and didn’t find that name that you’d like to christen your blog with – and you’ve decided to go ahead and name your blog “whatever” – wonderful, great choice, very catchy.  

Now – how do you get your blog on the web?  And why?  The how is you find a host site to put your blog on.  The why, is that the host site fancies up your typed text, that’s it – but not all. 

The whyWhen I type/enter data  like this text you’re reading, it’s appearing on a plain, white, blank sheet of paper, 81/2 in’s wide, by 11 in’s long.  Each host sites offers you the choice of different background “paper,” (Themes) that you put your blog text, (post) on.  You chose the theme you like and then you add text into the designated areas of the sort-of piece of paper.  If you print out this blog, it might be 8 1/2 by 22 or 24 – ?

Why / Themes usually have a header – that’s where the title of your blog winds up.  Headers may have one line of type/data, or two or three or more.  On this site, my site, the header is “City-Scene,” with one line/one space in which to enter your data.  

Why / Themes have names, and sometimes the name of the designer is attached to them.  If you look at the very bottom of my blog – keep going – you’ll see Theme: Cutline by Chris Pearson

Why / Themes usually have columns – this one, mine again, has two columns: one wide column for my text/my post, and one narrower column, for everything else I want to appear on my blog site; lists of recent posts, post categories, etc.

Why / Unless you want to pay for an upgrade, and then know the computer language to do the upgrade – nothing can be repositioned on the theme you choose.  I can’t add another line after “Kate’s Window” in the header above – nothing moves to another line, it just doesn’t show up.  Play w/your themes and don’t forget – change is good.

About a host site ~ it’s sort of like hosting an event;  inviting people over for dinner, everyone has a chair at the table, everyone talks to each other, everyone behaves nicely, and when the guest goes to work the next day, they tell everyone else about all that went on the night before – and a good time is had by all.  The host, in cooperation with his guests, is responsible for all of that.   

Host / For your first  blogging experience, unless you’re a professional, I’d recommend a free host site.  Search the web under “free blog hosting sites” – here are suggestions- with no recommendations or prejudice.   

WordPress.com ~  this is a free site, it’s the one I’m using now, and I like it.  I especially appreciate that they have REAL PEOPLE you can contact via email and get a REAL answer.   This dinner party has wait-staff available 24/7.  WordPress.org (not linked) is a sister “paid” host site.

 Blogger ~ this is Google’s blog host site.  It’s Google and they’re billionaires and it’s probably the biggest free host site out in the ether – everyone is invited to this dinner party – it’s VERY big, and w/out any live wait-staff.

Live Journal ~ this is more of a journal/dairy entry- type blog site, and many of their bloggers share their info among themselves – like a private dinner party.

(FYI – Face & Space (Facebook & MySpace) aren’t blogs ! )

Host / Every host site has rules and every guest has to agree to and abide by them.  Some sites let you have ads on your site, allowing you to earn money.  Others don’t.  Some sites have a PG/rating system; others don’t.  Disobeying the rules can get you kicked off the site. 

Host / Since nothing is free  in this world, and we Baby Boomers know that, the free sites make their money by advertising on their popular blog sites, or  by selling you “options and/or upgrades” on monthly installments, or in a ways that I have no idea about. 

Host / Sites you pay for, can cost from $5.00 a month, to the sky’s the limit a month, usually payable a year in advance.  Check out those sites too – I’ll eventually do that, once I get this down.  

We’ll continue next week – and if you have any comments or questions, please let me know – I welcome input and information.