BBB / 101.02 ~ a follow-up to 101.01 / Bloggin’ Jargon

To begin blogging, you have to be prepared before you start ~ you have to have a name for the blog, an email address you’ll use for the blog’s address, and an email password, or passwords, at your finger-tips, for all the different types of blogging services when you sign-up and sign-on. 

You’ll also need an avatar who’s your virtual identity, and a hosting site where the blog resides – blog glossary definitions that we’ll get to later.   Here’s the link to a glossary of blogging terms   Quick on Line Tips   I used in my first “Bloggin’ Jargon” post.  If you don’t like this glossary, just do another search; there’s a million of them out there in the ether, that air, high above the earth, that is teaming with Internet info, micro-waves, and other techono debris.

I also advise buying a brand new address book.  I use it for all the other blog names, email’s, and site addresses I need and have discovered.  Mine is about 3×5 when closed, since web & email address are written as one long word, they can be hard to figure out visually.  I write everything in pencil, because I make a million mistakes in writing these things out – really.

The address book also comes in handy when, after think-tanking a million names for your blog, you can’t remember the name you chose.  I put my blog’s name on the first page – yeah, yeah, I know, but wait and see. 

The name of your blog and the email address for your blog – should be the same.  One name for the blog and its emails, helps you keep track of your site, its email, and then helps everyone else find you.  At my age, maybe you too if you’re a Baby Boomer, remembering ONE thing a day, is almost as exciting as winning the lottery – yes – almost that good!

My own method for finding a name was easy – I sat down one night with a glass of white wine over ice, (I didn’t ask you, did I), and wrote down all kinds of names and all its combinations; everything that popped into my head.   My point is, just relax and think inside, outside, and all around the box

When you finally decide on a potential blog name, it just might be out there already after searching the www/World Wide Web.   Let’s pretend you think “The Cat’s Meow,” is a good name for a blog.  I did a Google search – and here’s what came up ~

Web site name  – catsmeow.com    Site name – The Cat’s Meow

Web site name – catemeowinc.com  Site name – The Cat’s Meow, Inc.

Blog site name – The-Cat’s-Meow    Site name – same.

If you thought the name was original, in competing w/118M blogs, I’d look into that ego issue, if I were you.  Unless, of course you luck out – like lottery winners do.

My name choices covered both sides of a piece of tablet paper – and in the end, none of them were “it.”  

Finding it and where to put it once you do – on the next post of BBB.