I’ve only been blogging a few months – well, this newbie was just baptized in the fire of plagiarism!    

I could hardly believe it when I checked my  COPYSCAPE   link and two blogs turned up as having my posts on their sites. 

I clicked through the Copyscape pages, and lo and behold – “Old car – not old woman” and “Some Like It Hot,” show up, word-for-word, on two different blogs.  It took my breath away and froze me solid in my seat.

I’ve never seen my work anywhere I didn’t put it.  I’ve never seen my work without my name on it.  I’ve never seen my work associated with something smutty.  The “Some Like It Hot,” post, here, on my blog, is about horseradish and Chinese mustard – on this alien site it isn’t.  Sure, the title is titillating, but that’s only to arouse interest in reading it, not in selling Viagra – oops. 

The post about my old car, showed up on a site that features other posts about cars – pretty normal, run of the mill stuff.  Why the young fellow in the about-me-photo would want to be associated with an old car is mystifying; just as much as my post is in appearing on his site.  

Although I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, I’ve contacted both sites requesting they remove the posts.  I haven’t heard from either one and will try to make contact again through their respective webmasters, host sites, etc.  I understand and respect the seriousness of copyright infringement and plagiarism – but, as a newbie, I have t’ tell ya’, I’m flattered as all get out.