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Thanksgiving 2012 ~Yadda – Yadda – the same old stuff / stuffing from 2008, when I first posted this Thanksgiving post.

Ok, the stuffed tom is in the oven, everything else is in the ‘fridge and will be ready by 2 o’clock or so, when everyone gets here.

2012 TRUTH ~ no one is coming today;  they’re all going to the new daughter-in-law’s family week-end.   Yes, I could have gone – but I would have been the ultimate 5th wheel ~ like a tractor wheel in a room full of slick racing tires.

They’ve been married, divorced, and re-married or are single again and dating, and will all be commiserating with each other’s life issues.

I have no wish  to share my issues, as they are 20, 30, or 40 years old, completely foreign to them, as are theirs to mine.  Nor do I want to feel as though I should bail them out emotionally, financially, or with the guidance and wisdom of experience and age.

They only think they, like we/I did, that money will make everything go away ~ but with the wisdom of experience and age, I’ve learned that money is only a quick fix to a few problems.

Jeez – look at “The Donald” for that lesson.

As for advice – as the sign says “Hire the young while they know it all.”

A few family members  might “stop by” on their way home, as my house seems to be close to a highway entrance.  How convenient.  (Yes – Sheldon that’s sarcasm.)

Since I love turkey  and all the holiday fixin’s, I’ve prepared a holiday feast for myself, which I’ll eat during the next few days.  If anyone does stop by, we’ll probably hit a Chinese restaurant; as they’ll all be turkey-ed out by Sunday.  (That’s almost sarcasm, Sheldon.)

I almost forgot ~ THE BIG THEORY ~ I’m certainly thankful for that.  What a perfect ensemble cast – I’m thankful for whoever did that, too.

I’m having my first glass of wine, a crisp, clean, Alsace Riesling, as it goes with, (or without), a turkey and I have about 3 hours to kill before the chaos starts.

2012 TRUTH ~ no chaos this year.

Yes, I said white wine at 10am; don’t tell me there aren’t cooks out there who don’t have a drink while they’re stuffing the bird or right after they shut the oven door on it, no matter what time it is.

Without a fortifier, how else would you rationalize shoving sage stuffing seasoned-to-the-point-of- musty, almost moldy, odoriferous wet bread, up a fowl’s butt.

2012 TRUTH ~ it’s almost the same ~ however, now that I’m older, it takes me a little longer to do everything, so my first glass of wine was about an hour ago.  And being older, I have to watch what I drink with my drugs.

That brings up all the pharmaceuticals I have to be thankful for; I especially like the cholesterol-lowering drugs, ’cause I’ve already had a piece of pumpkin pie completely buried under whipped cream, from the extra pie I keep back for myself.

I’m also thankful for my family, my faith, and friends, and my own so-so physical and emotional health along with theirs.

2012 TRUTH ~ I probably actually have the “norm.” 

On the TV this morning is a retrospective of the MGM musicals – I couldn’t think of anything better to cook by.  I’m thankful for the people who bring musicals to the screen, whether MGM or not.  And for my mom, for being a fan of them and passing that Terpsichorean appreciation unto me.  I can sit back and enjoy them with the best of them.  That goes for plays too.

2012 TRUTH ~ No musicals so far today ~ but, boy am I grateful for NCIS.   As long as I’m being truthful ~ Tom Harmon; just a few years younger than me and what a winner; husband, father, and actor.  He’s a REAL triple-threat.

I’m thankful for hot water and heat on this chilly Thanksgiving Day.  I also get a thrill out of finding hot water in public restrooms.

I’m thankful my dog goes to the back door to let me know she has to go out.  That she’ll come and go and stare me repeatedly, until I do get up and l let her out.  I’m thankful that I learned that quickly and without any accidents.

As for my cat – I’m thankful she’s a cat and not another dog.  I could not do another dog and I’m thankful I know my limitations – for that at least.

I have a job, I’m productive, I’m relatively content, and I’m thankful for those daily challenges.

2012 TRUTH ~ I retired last year,  but I still work two or three days a week, through a staffing agency: I get sent out on temporary jobs / assignments.  It’s kinda’ weird: after I qualify for the job through the temp agency, I arrive at the site, someone I’ve never met before tells me what to do to, I do it, and leave.  If I’ve done a good job, they call the agency to request me back.    Sometimes it’s the same job for months, sometimes the job is only a few days  and I never see the people again.  I love it – hudda’ thought?

I’ve recently become thankful for the support people at WP – Sheri, Anthony, Marianne, Hanni, and me are meeting for drinks later – NOT – but thank you all.

And about blogging – I’m thankful for and, being the cynical New Yorker that I am, did not expect, all the help I get from other bloggers, most notably Casey’s early advice.

That brings me to customer service – which I’ll discuss in another post – so let’s skip it.

Since I’m on one, I have to be thankful for my computer and all the technology accouterments that it stimulated or vice versa.  I’ve had a computer for about 20 years and I’m pretty sure that once or twice I’ve won.

2012  TRUTH ~  In 2011 I bought my iPad2 and I’m ADDICTED to it.   I LOVE it: absolutely, positively love it!   It’ll keep my occupied all weekend long; reading books I’ve downloaded from my local library or playing the almost 400 free, lite games I have on it.

Saying thatI’m thankful that I don’t know anyone who plays country music in their car when I’m the only passenger.  I do have some tolerance for it, for which others are thankful.

Call me a flag-waver, but I am thankful I was born and still live in the USA.

2012 TRUTH ~ I went to visit friends in an oil-rich South American country, and after landing at the major airport, to exit the terminal, I had to walk along a barrier manned with soldiers placed about every 10 feet or so, carrying machine guns.  I questioned my friends about it ~ something happening? expecting someone?  “No – that’s just how it is here.”

Call me a flag-waver, but I am SO THANKFUL I was born and still live in the USA.  A blessed THANKSGIVING to anyone in service to America, and their families, at home or abroad.

Well, my glass is empty and Marlon is waiting – have a HAPPY.

2012 TRUTH ~ Jethro is waiting, I’m on my second glass, I had some baked stuffing, and discovered I forgot the salt.  That’s a good thing and I have a shaker of salt if needed ~ for Margarita’s.

Well – does anyone else, will anyone else be truthful about their THANKSGIVING?

Yours, Kate