empty moving van

That is ~ none of my utilities, not health insurance or phone, (yes, I still like a landline), not even my cable TV services could be packed up to come along for the ride.

And doctors and dentists ~ OMG !  They wouldn’t / didn’t relocate either.

Sure, I asked my old doc’s for recommendations, but after 15 years ~ OMG to the Nth !

So, I had to ask for recommendations, then find and change and trust everything and everyone, and the process was exhausting.

I usually like learning new things for myself but updating and changing all my info to get a gas bill was a real chore, a pain in the patoot !

And it wasn’t just a gas bill ~ I now have one bill for gas and electric and even this combined convenience annoyed me.  How bizarre is that ?

I just can’t be bothered doing almost anything where I have to begin at the beginning to get the same electric, gas, water, phone bills. Why can’t each state have one all-encompassing utility bill divided among the masses ~ eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !  Nooooooooooooo ~ never mind ~ I’m a democrat.

Yet, sometimes I do feel like I’ve “learned my fill.”  Like an overflowing, jammed-packed to the gills, bursting at the seams filing cabinet ~ my brain is full, the drawers are overflowing, and as a tech reference ~ to many tabs are opened.

And my info is rapidly becoming outdated ~ if I hear “back-in-the-day” one more time, I’m gonna’ scream. Because I don’t know what “day” the person is referring to ~ was it a day in the 1980’s ? 1990’s?  Maybe in the 70’s?  OR ~ god forbid ~ the 1950’s and 60’s.

It must be because ? What say you ?