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Okay ~ still catching my breath ~

Although I scheduled a moving company, I knew I couldn’t sit and do nothing while waiting a month for the move.  I figured I could pack and clean house by boxing up the smaller stuff while just sittin’ ‘round watching TV.

After coming home from work, un-dressing, re-dressing, making dinner and cleaning up, I typically settle into my wing-back, put my feet up on the mismatched ottoman, and with my seasonal drink of choice, today’s Gin & Tonic, I watch inspired detectives solve murder mysteries while simultaneously unscrambling the misfortunes of family and friends.  How complicated could filling up a box a night be ?

I forgot that I was in my 60’s.  I forgot that even though I only work part-time, I’d be doing the sorting and packing after working a full day, and that I’d be dead tired.

I forgot I had years of knick-knacks, kitchen utensils, small appliances, odds, ends, and gadgets scattered among cabinets, cupboards, drawers, bookcases, and closets.

moving boxes

The one box at my feet quickly became three ~ one for items to keep, one for stuff to sell, and one for junk to donate.

Out of the stuff to keep, was the treasure, (as in your trash, is someone else’s treasure), worth paying to include it in that whole-house moving van?

But what should I keep, or sell, or donate ?  If I think it’s old and worn out, why would I want to donate it ?  Yet if it’s something someone wants to buy – is it worth any real money ?  Like on that treasure-hunting-in-the-dumpster show ?

On the other hand, if the item is falling apart, do I need a new one ?  I mean, if I paid $5 for an item, how much will I have to pay to replace it with a new one ?  Since you pay the moving company to move it by weight, is the item worth paying for ?

I mean, why did I have a melon baller and when was the last time I balled a melon ? (Sorry)