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Sure, I’m a Senior Citizen, but I’m computer savvy, bought my first PC back in the 70’s, 35 years later or so bought my iPad2 the first week it was out, I Tweet and Blog, yet, I’m still getting older.

And now, I’m on my iPad, connected to WORDPRESS, blogging about seniors and   “urinary incontinence.”   Amazing – isn’t it?

I started leaking about 5 or 6 years ago.  Nothing spectacular, just a little release when laughing or coughing.  Really, just a drop or two, I swear.

A year or two later, my body added an absolutely, cannot wait, I said go now, dammit, attitude.

Wonderful ~ just wonderful, I said, sighing.

Finally, the self-awareness of, “Okay, maybe I need a little liner,” arrived and luckily that was all that did.

But what kind of liner ? Not the kind for the joys of,  “falling off the roof,” as they say in South, as those days, blissfully, are long behind me.

In checking out the big, corner-lot pharmacies, the mixed grocery and clothing superstores, and ultimately the mega-stores hoping for a good fit and low prices, all I found was confusion and no free samples to take home.

There’s short-to-long; they almost run in inches.  Nooooo, I did not measure, but maybe a little more front-to-back buttressing would come in handy.

There’s light to heavy, thin to thick, and a half a dozen more weights and lengths for mass and span in-between each category.  Depending, (not an ad), on the activities I have planned for the day; sitting at the computer, walking the dog, working in the garden, or painting the ceiling / plastering the walls /  fixing the roof ~ I’ll need various and sundry precautionary levels.

Speaking of various and sundry, how about an hourglass shape?  I thought that was Mae West’s silhouette, but, then again, a “Mae West,” is a life-preserver, and you never know when a P-Pad will save your hide chair.

Then I found the bed-wetting sensors, alarms, and mattress protection pad aisle.  Mass and span, could probably help here.

There are underpants for boys, guards for men, (guards?), with pads for women.  Apparently, “girls” don’t have this problem, which I can attest to, as fifty plus years ago, I didn’t either.

There are OTC  and prescription drugs for bladder control: some with the science of delayed release, apparently for the drug and for the drizzle.  Mystifying, isn’t it?

What about that TV commercial for protection while playing Twister, or whatever point it is they’re trying to make.  I haven’t played Twister or done the Twist since the ‘60’s, so, I can unequivocally state, here and now, that with or without this dribbling issue, a career as a contortionist isn’t in my future.

Ah, the memories.   Jeez, somewhere in my frazzled brain, there’s got to be a memory of me holding it and successfully to boot!

But I’ll probably never find it as I’m pretty sure my brain leaks too and I’m hoping my iPad will help with that.

Yours ’til, Kate

p.s. – the photos at the top were the best free/common I could do.