So, I set up my router to give myself Wi-Fi at home and lo and behold, within a half-hour, I do it and it works!

It was almost anti-climatic ~ I’d bought the router 2 months ago, but waited until I was up to the challenge to install it.

I know by now that no matter what it says on the box, on the CD, or on any of the accompanying paperwork, it usually takes me twice as long to install any piece of  hardware or software.  Maybe 10x as long.

I’ve never been able to pin point exactly why, but I’ve narrowed it down: I can’t read, I have no comprehension skills, and/or I have no patience.  It’s all I, I, I, me, me, me – except for some S.O.B. kid on the end of the support line, who apparently has the patience of a saint, since they can walk you through hell with their melodic tones of calm self-assurance for hours and hours!

Anyway, this week, I was up for it, and flush with success, I was patting myself on the back for days.

Until, I started thinking about it.

How does it work?  Throughout the house ?  On the front porch ?   On the back steps ?

I turn on my laptop and there’s the arc’s of the icon indicating I’m in.

But in what ?

The Wi-Fi waves?   Waves of electricity ?  Along with the micro-waves ?  The  cell phone waves ?   And the portable house phone waves ?  What else emits waves ?

If I walk through the waves, will I disconnect it ?  Myself?

Maybe there’s some truth to that “I see your aura” stuff?

Yours ’till, Kate