I’m so busy at work – that this is the TRUTH!

I’d been sitting  in front of my computer answering emails, returning phone calls, making and scheduling appointments, figuring out spreadsheets, and on and on and on.

I even had my door closed  so I could hide out – I mean concentrate.

Every now and then, I’d roll my shoulders, then reach for the sky for a good stretch, but when my eyes started to smart, I realized I had been working a solid two hours.

I rolled my chair back,  hoisted myself up, listened to my knees creek, and stretching again, I walked to the door, and knocked.

Knocked?  Yes – knocked on my door, on the inside, inside my office. Got it?

I yanked my fist  back as though I had touched the fiery furnace, and stood there a moment, inside my office, inches away from the door and suffered a little moment of terror – OMG –Alzheimer’s.

Just as quickly, I turned the doorknob, and walked out into the reception area, only to hear the receptionist say, “Did you knock?”

OMG – she heard me.

I felt the heat  of the flush rush up my face, but managed to croak out, “You heard me?”

“Yeah –  it sounded like someone knocking to come it, but there’s no one here. Were you knocking to come out?”

Crap  – she was serious.

“You were,” Jeanie continued, “you were knocking to come out – asking permission to come out of your office. Or for me to let you in here?”

With that, she exploded into laughter and a second or two later, so did I.

All day long, we teased and told everyone about my knocking-to-get-out episode. 

Luckily, everyone else had similar anecdotes involving glasses, keys, groceries, books, even kids, but by the end of the day, we decided that knocking to get out  might be the best / worst tale of them all.

Do you  have one that tops it – or one you’d like to share ? 

Maybe you could  make one up just to make me feel better – please.