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Ok – another year  is beginning – can you believe it?  Twenty Ten !  At least it’s easy to say.  It keeps us in double digits, instead of twenty-ought-nine.  How lame was that?  (Does “lame” show my age?)

Whatever happened  to that prophecy about the world ending ten years ago?   Crap, I was almost disappointed.  I’d have been debt free – it wasn’t such a good year for me, or years, if you went with twenty-ought-one as the millennium.   

Our world has lived  through countless doomsday predictions: religious raptures, second comings and ascensions; plagues and famines; natural and man-made disasters; apocalyptic voices, numbers, and essay’s; alien enigmas and astrological conundrums; astronomical phenomena of the planets, suns, and stars; and wars –  wars – and more wars.

Yet, the world  keeps going round and round.  Perhaps that’s the problem.  We’re not doing anything new – we’re just repeating our transgressions to new faces in different places; our pride and vanity, our greed and lust for excess, our apathy, ire, and resentment is how we have always lived.

There’s a predicted  disaster looming in 2012.  Something about Mayan calendars, Nostradamus, solar flares, and the earth’s magnetic poles.  Oh well, we’ll see – or not.  

Not unexpectedly,  my resolution is to try not to go round and round.   Maybe I’ll think before I speak, look before I leap, and sleep on it before I buy it.  Oh well, we’ll see – or not. 

And my own   prediction ~ everything will be the same, with new faces and places, just as it has been for the past 3 or 4 billion years.  Oh well, we’ll see – or not. 

Yours ‘till God laughs, Kate  

(p.s. Happy New Year to you and yours.)