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Hiatus – may be the best word to describe where I’m “at” right now – the past week or so – maybe even this very instant.  What started as a vacation, something relaxing and enjoyable, has turned into a hiatus – a suspension in time.

After years  w/my employer, I’m entitled to 25 vacation days each year.  That’s enough time for a family vacation, a Christmas vacation, extended holiday weekends, and, every once in a blue moon, two weeks back-to-back.  

Well – a NEON-BRIGHT BLUE  MOON must have been in the heavens, because I took two weeks off back-to-back, and serendipitous circumstances had me alone for most of them.

I started  my vacation with a Gray Goose Dirty Martini at 2pm, lounging over lunch with a friend.  Since she was driving and it was the first day of my vacation – why not?  By the end of lunch, my nose was numb.   

After the martini   and some shopping,  Julie took me home, I laid down for a nap, but didn’t wake until 10pm, to late to eat, and I was still moving slow.  I thought a quick dog walk would wake me up, but no, after the walk, I went back to bed and didn’t wake up until 9am.  I hadn’t slept in that late since Steve Martin was on SNL the first time!

For the next three days,  I repeated that scenario – without the Martini’s.  I slept on and off ’round the clock.  Waking, eating, and trying to relax by watching TV, reading, or attempting to check off some of the to-do things on my to-do list.  Maybe a shower – maybe not – good thing no one was around.

After two  or three hours, I’d begin to yawn, tears would eek out, my jaw would pop, and, as if mesmerized, I’d go to bed; bed, not the chair, but get right under the covers, and sleep for hours and hours and eventually over night.  I could only fling open the back door for the pooch.  (Yes – it’s a fenced yard.)

Finally, on the fourth day   I woke up, sort of, rose from the dead. 

For the rest  of my stay-cation, I did what I wanted to or didn’t even think of things that I wanted to do.  I felt rested, but my brain seemed to be floating in mid-air.  If I looked at my list, I don’t remember it, and nothing on it seemed earth shattering if I didn’t do them – so I didn’t. 

Hiatus – from the Latin hiare to yawn – yep, perfect!