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Here’s a news flash  ~ Jessica Simpson has apparently given in to public bullying & yellow journalism and slimmed down to a size 8 by losing 10 pounds in two weeks. 

Ohmigawd  – when will this obsession with weight – women’s weight – STOP !

What was she – a 10 ?????   Since when is size 10 a disgrace?   Since when does it deserve public attention – clamor – furor ?  

Easy  – I’ll tell you – since the invention of the size ZERO !!!!!

Yep – I’d heard  about the ostentatious ZERO, but since the only ZERO’s I pay attention to, is ZERO interest, ZERO penalties, and ZERO money owed on my library books – I’d never thought about it in terms of body size.

What does  a naked female look like if she’s a size “O” or even a “OO” – anorexic ? 

I hate seeing  the length, breadth, and width of clavicle bones predominantly, (proudly ?), displayed on young people.  That look looks best on a wiry, wizened, overly tanned, 90 year old, California muscle beach, beach bum  !

Can you imagine  selling a piece of clothing to a man in a size ZERO – no way in hell !    Every man has the words “8 inches” imprinted in his psyche.  ZERO doesn’t exit for a man.  

I don’t even  understand the concept of clothing sized at ZERO – what size comes before it ? 

I don’t know  if ‘teen sizes exist any more, but I found this “Big Girl” size chart on the web; I think it’s the sizes for girls from 7 to 14 years old or so.

Big Girls  S / 7 S / 8 M / 10 M / 12 L / 14 XL / 16
Weight 54-60 61-66 67-75 76-83 84-97 98-110
Waist 23 23.5 24 25 26 27
Hips 28 29 30 31.5 33 34.5




 But – what size  – really – comes before ZERO ?   At Banana Republic, it’s DOUBLE  ZERO !!!

On the women’s  size chart at Banana Republic ~ the smallest pants/jeans size is “OO” with a waist of 23 inches and hips at 33 inches. 

So – if your teenybopper,  (is that still a word?), has a 23 inch waist, but happens to be hippy – she could wind up in a pair of jeans sized ZERO ZERO! 

Is that  what mothers want their daughters to be nowadays ?

Or do mothers  want to be that size ?  Only movie star mothers ?   Only movie stars ?  Only celebrities ?

I don’t know  how much Ms. Simpson weighs at the moment, but most recently the web has her weight at around 103 lbs and her height at 5’3.”  

In a women’s  size 8 to 10, that’s about 28/29 waist and 38/39 hip; a beautiful female silhouette.

No matter  what height & weight chart you use – 103 lbs at 5’3″, is on the low side of average.  

Jennifer Lopez,  w/a 26-inch waist and a 38-inch hip, would have to cut and sew a size 4 jean and a size 8 jean together at the hip line; another beautiful female silhouette.  

But let’s cut to the chase,  my question is ~ if we’re encouraging females to believe that thinner, smaller, narrower bodies, with enhanced breasts and surgically reconstructed facial features are acceptable, ordinary, or the ideal – and we promote the removal of pubic hair w/Brazilian, French, or Bikini waxing – who the HELL are the males making love with ?