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This is short and sweet and to the point – no moralizing, no lectures.

To the people who received the AIG bonuses  ~
You may feel  that you deserve the bonus.  You may have negotiated in good faith and the contracts were written up and agreed to months ago. 

The problem is – that was then, this is now. 

You need to  step up to today’s distressing financial and economic times.

You need to  do the decent, ethical, and just thing.  

You, at least,   need to appear concerned, contrite, and compassionate – in some way. 

Here’s my advice ~ return the bonus money AIG – somehow, someway, some amount.

Loan a portion  of it back to AIG, ask for interest on your investment, agree on a future date for payment, when AIG is stable and solvent.

Return a portion  of it directly to the government – skip AIG, and buy back some of your integrity. 

If you’re no longer  an employee – return a portion.  Maybe an amount of money equal to the number of months you’ve been gone.  No strings attached – as a good faith gesture.

Do something  to salvage your name – it, not the bonus, is the only thing of value now or in the future.