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IMO ~ The white, ol’ guys on TV – newscasters, movie personalities, celebrities, interviewers, and politicians – should wear some make-up when they’re on the screen – any screen.

I’ve begun to notice  that these veterans of the airwaves are developing conspicuous cases of “beady-eye.” 

Their rosy, healthy-looking lips have faded out to match their pasty white complexions, yet their hair and eyebrows still remain some shade of brunette. 

And somewhere  between their eyebrows and cheekbones, are two black splotch’s.

If they’ve  gone all gray – those orbs pulsate BES / beady-eye-syndrome a mile away!

Without mascara  or shadow or something on their lashes/lids, those klieg-light black pupils are turning into beady little eyes that are obvious for only being beady – and it’s becoming very distracting.

That book, I Feel Bad About My Neck,  by Nora Ephron, says the reason no one looks like what we remember 40, 50, or 60  looking like, is because of hair dye.

I agree – I haven’t seen my natural hair color in over 30 years.

Now I think  I’m ready to see a little foundation, blush, mascara, or even Buddy Holly eyeglasses on these BES fellows.

I do not want  to see them looking like I do on my day off work – when I don’t put on any make-up! 

Am I the only one?