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Hi folks ~ Just to stay in touch and bring you up-to-date with what’s been happening at our house.

After almost ten years with the mortgage company, Dan was unexpectedly demoted, and in a very, and I do mean very, generous plea agreement, Dan has agreed to perform janitorial services for the next five to ten years in situ.

Everyone agrees  it’s the best outcome – after all, maintenance staff is always revered in any company.  Since all the liens and suits are settled, we’re really thrilled Dan has this opportunity for restitution and the Fed’s have promised, that after this penalty phase, we’ll have plenty to live on.

In the meantime, the county club Board of Trustees is graciously allowing us to rent the caretaker’s RV up at Lake Comengetit.  This time of year it’s peaceful,  and they’ve assured us, that as long as we keep the plywood on the door and windows, the bears, coyotes, and other wildlife are really quite friendly.

Unfortunately, Kenneth wasn’t doing as well as we hoped in his first year at U of Z, so he’s back home now attending the local vo-tech.  Kenny’s even been able to fit in a job as a “vacuumer” at the all-night car wash.  Being home actually makes it easier for him spend more time with Little Mary Sunshine, his pregnant girlfriend.  Although, during this winter solstice season, their political and cultural differences are beginning to surface with just a teensy-weensy bit of tension.

On a good note, Daphne is again repeating her junior year at DeBunk High, but this time, she’s carrying a lighter load, which includes jewelry assembly.  I’m sure she’ll breeze through – she just loves that bling!  And more good news – Daffy’s ankle monitor comes off in the spring, and her license should be reactivated just in time for summer vacation, so she can get back to spending quality time with her same old friends.

Sadly, Uncle Bud, (from the Light side of the family), passed away this year.  His drinking got the best of him when he decided to install his Dish TV himself directly to the electric pole behind his house.  Service was out for a few hours but the electric company finally relented to permitting Aunt Dee to make monthly payments.    

As for me, I’ve had to cut back on my mani’s & pedi’s – but to fill that gap, I’ve decided to go back and get that degree I started all those years ago in Home Economics.  I actually think it’s karma – the maintenance staff always told Dan how they loved getting my individually wrapped Cheapskate’s Meat Loaf as New Year gifts, particularly since I attached the recipe card highlighting the economical advantages of using all those holiday leftovers.

Happy Holidays, love to all, and to all a – well, you know.