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 Food – Glorious Food ~ Right off the top of my head I like:

Breakfast ~

  • Eggs Benedict – with extra Hollandaise on the side.
  • Grits w/butter and maple syrup
  • Two egg omelet – always w/mushrooms – with Hollandaise on the side.
  • Cheerios – any kind
  • Mickey D’s Breakfast Burrito
  • Pancakes & Waffles & Crepes & French toast – probably one of those once a year.

 Lunch ~

  • BLT – on white, sometimes on toast, sometimes not.
  • Corned beef on rye – half for lunch, half for dinner.
  • Pastrami on rye – the same.
  • P B & J – crunchy on toasted white – sometimes for breakfast.
  • Chicken, egg, or tuna salad – separately and on a croissant.  
  • Meatball hero – sub – poor boy – whatever, drenched in sauce, and smothered w/mozzarella.

 Dinner ~ 

  • A meat – chicken or seafood more than beef, (beef, like turkey, yawn, puts me to sleep – yawn.)  with:
    • A veggie – usually a green one.
    • A starch – usually a white, but I’m slowly switching to yams and sweet potatoes.
  • Pasta – either Alfredo or tomato sauce with meat & mushrooms.
  • Chinese take-out – hot & sour soup, pork lo mein, dumplings, and crab Rangoon.

 Soups ~

  • This summer I discovered Tomato – Watermelon cold soup – wonderful! The watermelon cuts the heaviness and bite of the tomato.   I make my own by:
    •  scooping out the red of the watermelon then liquifing it in a blender.
      • Transfer into a big pitchner
    • Pour pre-cooked tomato soup – the fancy kind from a box -into the unwashed watermelon blender, and start blending on low.
    • Slowly pour in the liquified watermelon – tasting every so often.
    • When you like the taste – it’s done.
    • Chill well – then pour and enjoy. 
    •  Because size really is important – between the size of the watermelon, the size of your blender, and the size of the pichner – you’ll probably wind up w/watermelon leftover.  
    • I always add the watermelon to the tomato, ’cause I can freeze the liquified watermelon for another batch. 
  • In the winter – I like almost anything that’s been simmering in a crock-pot for at least one full 24 hour day.
  • Manhattan clam chowder – not the thick, white, New England style paste!
  • Italian wedding soup – although it lies in my stomach until the happy couple returns from their honeymoon trip.

 Salads ~

  • On Romaine ~
    • Caprese or anything made with mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes – w/balsamic GLAZE dribbled all over it! 
      • For a treat – look for Balsamic Glaze – it’s a reduction of balsamic vinegar w/the viscosity of maple syrup and dee-lish-ess.
  • On Iceberg ~
    • Tomatoes, cheese crumbles, bacon bits, black & green olives  – almost anything – as long as EVERYTHING is ice-berg-cold.
  • Potato salads – hot German, cold American, and redskin. 
  • Spinach Sweet & sour, hot & wilted, bacon, mushrooms, and hard-boiled eggs.
  • KFC coleslaw.

Favorite veggie  ~ Asparagus – steamed – and natch – with Hollandaise on the side.

Favorite fruit ~ The exotic’s – Kiwi, pomegranate, mango, and papaya.

And a ton more – what  do you like – what are your favorite foods?