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I’ve lived in Big Cities and Small Cities.  So, let’ say a Big City has a population of over 1million and a Small City, a population of under 1 million. 

In NYC, all the boroughs, except Staten Island, have a population of over 1 million, so that would make them all individual Small Cities.  Collectively, the population is a little over 8 million.  The unidentified Midwest city I currently live in, has a population of about 800,000. 

There are differences in this Big City – Small City social culture.  Here’s just a couple I’ve noticed ~ completely unbiased ~ 

Waiting for an elevator ~

  • In a Big City ~ People wait to the side, with the expectation that someone may be getting off the elevator.  After passengers disembark, those waiting then get on.
  • In a Small City ~ People stand in front of the elevator doors to wait. Sometimes very close. Sometimes so close, that when the doors open, the passenger inside, may not be able to get off. That disembarking passenger will unabashedly stand aside, while still inside the elevator car, and wait for someone to get on before they exit.

     The cultural difference ~

  • In a Big City ~ people stand away from the doors, so a herd of disembarking passengers doesn’t trample them.
  • In a Small City ~ the odds are, with the ratio of elevators to people, that ~
    • You will be the only person waiting for the elevator,
    • There will be no one in the elevator, or
    • You and the disembarking passenger are linked by blood, marriage, or high school football.

 Walking on city streets ~

  • In a Big City ~ Folks walk singularly or in twos and threes, and every once in a great while, four abreast.
  • In a Small City ~ Folks walk in two’s, three’s, four’s, five’s, six’s, seven’s, eight’s, nine’s, ten’s, eleven’s, by the dozen, or by the gross.

      The cultural difference ~

  • In a Big City ~
    • You walk alone if you’re alone or if you’re talking to your invisible friend.
    • You walk in two’s, if you’re with your significant other, engaged, married, or you’re a two-timing SOB with his slut.
    • You walk in three’s if you’re a couple being mugged.
    • You walk in four’s if it’s men’s or ladies night out, it’s 2am, and everyone is holding each other up, ’cause the drinks were 2 for 1.
  • In a Small City ~ you walk any way you want to because ~
    • You and everyone else on the street are related by blood, marriage, or high school football.