choco lamb

OK ~ so, I thought I was buying a sale piece of the day-after-Easter-candy.

Wait ~ when I opened the plastic case and tried to get my fingers around that cute little head, they slipped off and came away slick.

It looks like a white chocolate lamb ~ right ?

Naturally, I licked my fingers, but they didn’t taste like chocolate.

Huh ?

It’s a familiar taste but what?

I couldn’t believe it; I had to look through the bin for the outside packaging.

Yes, it said butter at least two or three times ~ in print big enough that I should have noticed it ~ Butter for your Easter dinner table.

I only saw a “white chocolate lamb.”

Gees, the mind sees only what it wants to see ?

Well, of course I want to see chocolate before butter.

Then, what the heck, I had to use the butter.

OMG ~  after years and years and years of margarine, the sweet, subtle taste of real butter was almost as good as chocolate.