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Disjointed thoughts upon waking and before coffee ~

Children are children – not “KIDS” ~ kids are baby goats: as bunnies are to rabbits. EVERYONE should stop using the word KID when describing a CHILD – particularly television news people.

Whatever happened to the car that was kissing my rear bumper for blocks – then I check again and POOF, it’s gone ~ completely, utterly gone.   Alien abduction or alien transport?

I weigh myself completely naked – that’s before I put on my make-up and “product” my hair.

Why aren’t parents holding their child’s hand anymore?   In grocery stores, children roam the aisles from item to cart and back again.  Sometimes being sent-to-find this or that.  The only thing I would have found, would have been a hand swatting my butt if I strayed more than 6 feet away from the cart!

In parking lots, when the child hops out of the vehicle, or is taken out of their car seat, the second their feet touch the macadam, they just start walking away – while the adult remains behind to lock up.  “Didn’t I tell you not to move.”  was the tune I heard in my head, until I was 12 or so

TMI ALERT ~ I’m finally in style ~ since menopause, my pubic hair has been steadily disappearing, along with my eyebrows.  Are there places that do the opposite of Threading?   Are stick-on “landing strips” available?

Here’s an article that sheds some light on/exposes/lays bare, (innocently, I say), this whole nude-pubes issue ~


Sometimes, all things being equal/exactly the same, one glass of Riesling will make my nose go numb ~ other times, it’ll take two or three glasses.

I’m almost sure that wearing baseball caps backwards, is finally on the wane, thank God.

A man walking with saggy pants in Paris.

Now about those saggy pants

hanging down so the

waistband is below the crotch

~ are you FREAKIN’ CRAZY!!!

I can’t believe this caught on.

Maybe it gives the boys an

opportunity to hold onto their

naughty-bits in public, in the

guise of holding the pants up.

Addendum to hair-down-there ~ delivery room nurses might be all for this naked pubes fad on the new younger mothers ????