OMG Addicted !

OMG – I’m writing and posting directly to this blog from my IPad2.

OMG – I am so freakin’ addicted to it, this is dream come through.

OMG – I never thought I would want this thing, must less have it become physically semi-attached, but, like, TV from the 50’s and 60’s, I still seek out Lucy and Ethel and a trip to Mayberry for a little R&R is always comforting.

OMG – once I got my hands on this, deciding to get it was a no-brainer. I’d been looking at electronic readers for a while, on the fence about actually purchasing one, but still curious. So I walked into a ginormous electronics store, asked for help, and after 2 hours of intense conversation comparing tablets, notebooks, readers, and laptops, the second my consultant, Nicki, put this little bit o’ heaven in my hands, rainbows, fireworks, and snow white doves filled the air !

OMG – So far I have over 300 app’s, with 295 of them being the free lite versions. Even this app was free. Lite’s are plenty enough for me and with so many of them, the choices and then refocusing keeps my endorphin’s zipping along.

OMG – I almost forgot, as a reader I download books directly from my local library – how cool is that? It’s free and the books disappear after 21 days, so there’s never a late fee.

That’s it – yours ’til, Kate