That’s the rear window meeting the trunk of my car ~ what a mess!

It’s about 2 inches of ice covered with 3 inches or so of cotton-fluff snow; snow that you scoop up and taste – wonderfully icy cold with no taste at all – like biting into cold air. 

That’s how I feel now about it.  An hour ago, hacking away at the ice on the walk and all around my car, I was panting, sweating, unzipping my anorak, stripping off my gloves, and cursing like I was back in da’ Bronx and my mother wasn’t home.   

I don’t want to hear about Minnesota, Idaho, Alaska, or North Dakota winters either, where the winter months seem longer than the summer ones. 

I don’t live there and with any luck I never will.

After this unusually cold winter, I now know why folks become snow-birds ~ flying down south the first time the temperature drops to anything in the 50’s.

And aside from tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods maybe everything looks better through sunshine – huh?

Yours ’til.