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(This is a re-post, but I love my photo. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours. )

Yep – you either love it or hate it.

If I’ve learned  one thing about living in the Midwest, it’s to take everything the  weatherman/woman/person says with a grain of salt.

Since  it’s so flat out here, if whatever they’re predicting hits a lone piece of grain, the weather front veers so far off course, it never comes near us.

BUT – this morning I opened the door to about – SURPRISE – three or four inches of snow – the first snow of winter.

Although, all the seers of the skies, (some are STILL not meteorologists), predicted a little snow, they’ve been wrong so many times before, I never expected them to be right.

So, Dutch and I  just stood in the doorway for a moment in awe and wonder; she because she does have to go into the snow to piddle; while I’m thinking of the drive to work and all the crazies, who, for some unknown reason, drive faster in bad weather.

Gingerly, Dutch stepped into the white stuff and I heard it crunch beneath her paws – ice on top of snow – oh-oh – not good.  She made tracks to do her business quickly and get back into the house – as it was below freezing and the air had that wake-up wet, icy chill to it.

I tried to hurry  the morning along, while at the same time, dreading going out into the stuff – bundling up, walking cautiously, warming up the car, dicing, driving while trying to concentrate on the road, but not tense up; all that baggage of winter.

I took the  photo while waiting for my car to warm up last year …

Yep – I love it !