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My nose is numb – or maybe it’s my finger tips, I’m not quite sure.

Whatever – I’m slightly drunk, as opposed to slightly pregnant – and we all know that’s impossible.

You either are or are not preggo’s but you can be always be a little bit inebriated.  

I don’t know what the legal limit is but I’m only walking from the living room to the bathroom.  Maybe for obvious reasons.  (RALPH!)

Whatever the limit, I feel completely comfortable being a little tipsy in my own home.

So bear/suffer through with me.

Or maybe not – if you’re not a little sloshed yourself.

I mean, what’s the point if you have to drink alone.

And just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely – you know.

I never feel lonely – I feel annoyed that I don’t have someone to yell at – but never lonely.  The cat and dog take care of that.

Family is too much responsibility – dog and cat can probably make it on their own, you know. 

OK – I’m done before I say something embarrassing about hubby, children, boss, or priest.  Well, about the priest …  you know.

I never realized how often I looked up from the keyboard to the screen – it’s quite torturous after a couple a glasses of Coppola’s Rosso.  Almost like a sitting still motion seasickness. 

My bottle of Rosso had a little homey, table-top-wine glass shrunk-wrapped to the top of it.  It works very well.

About my – whoops – nose is back !

Bye – yours  ’til God laughs – you know.