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So – when I received the email telling me my order had been shipped but was incomplete, I ignored it, because I had just opened the package, and the camera and two batteries were right there on the dining room table looking at me – you know how they do.  

A few days later I received another email, informing me the second rechargeable battery was on back-order and would be shipped within 10 business days.  It was signed, “LISA – your personal customer service representative.”  Wow – my own personal CSR – how cool is that.

I replied to my-rep-LISA, that the second battery had been delivered with the original order and she could cancel the back-order.

The next day,  my-rep-LISA, replied, “No – the second battery would be shipped within 10 business days.” 


I had my new camera, been using it for a few days, inside is one battery, and the second battery is plugged-in and charging up.  One battery came with the camera, one battery for a back-up – both received.  I replied again, explaining that to my-rep-LISA.

But no, my-rep-LISA replied a day or two later, that since she was the one who received the order, packed the order, and shipped the order, she, my-rep-LISA,  knew what she packed and it was one camera and ONE battery!

Whoa – baby – ‘tude from my-rep-Lisa – WTF?  

I looked at the paperwork again, naturally still on the dining room table; an invoice for the camera with a second battery and no balance; the packing slip listed the same.  At the bottom of the packing slip was my-rep-LISA’s stamped comment, “Order received, packed, and shipped by LISA.” 

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa –  my-rep-LISA, how do I convince you I have that second battery.  I won’t even think of keeping the “third” battery, because I believe in karma and stealing that back-ordered battery will come back to bite me.   

But wait –  an epiphany – (finger snap) – my new camera.   I go get it, I put the extra battery, which is still in the charger, on top of the packing slip and take a photo so close up you can read my-rep-LISA’s note, attach it to that email thread, and off it goes.  

The next day  I got my final reply from my-rep-LISA ~  “Order complete.  LISA”   

Here’s the rub –  would it have ‘effin killed her to apologize?    

I’m not talkin’ – OMG – I’m sooooo sorry – please – please – please forgive me ?   No – not that crap.

But  –  “oops – sorry,  my mistake – enjoy your new camera,” would have been enough; some acknowledgement that she, yes, my-rep-LISA, had made a mistake.

I wonder if my-rep-LISA, believes in karma.  Maybe she’ll send me a photo –  of the BITE !   I could ask – what harm would it do?   Afterall – she is MY personal CSR!