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A couple of weeks ago,  I wound up in a hospital emergency room being re-hydrated after a virus played havoc with my stomach and bowels.  I’ll skip over the puke and poop part – what threw me, was when asked if I had a cell phone – I said “No.”

“No”  – with a straight face and the lie on my lips, when the cell phone lay at the bottom of the pocketbook I clutched to my bosom. 

It just slid  right out of my mouth like butter off a hot roll – a lie entered into the computer right along side my insurance information.  That’s probably a federal offense.

But I couldn’t care less – HA !

I’m beginning to hate  electronic/computer technology.  Naturally, not this blog, which allows me access to the world and I’m just vain enough to believe it is being read worldwide.  

So, I’m weaning myself  from the onslaught of constant communication and that “No,” was my first public, official step.  Kind of like being naked in Macy’s window; once all your clothes are off – the show is over. 

My cell phone is ONLY  – unwaveringly – for use in emergencies.  That’s it, that’s why I got it.

I didn’t get it  to wile away my drive time, nor to roam aimlessly up and down the grocery aisles, or to ignore the person I’m having lunch with by choosing to answer the damn thing!

Above all,  I absolutely hate hearing “the flush” on any phone and especially from the next stall. 

How rude is it  for the person to be jibber jabbering away while they’re doing their business.  OMG!   Who wants / needs that visual and doesn’t anyone complain about it? 

No wonder so many cell phones die of water – toilet water – damage!  I’ve never seen a cell phone floating in the bowl, but, shivers-up-my-spine, ugh!

I do have a PDA  for my job, but I don’t have company emails on it.  My calendar, tasks, notes, reminders, expense forms, etc., are all there, but business emails stay on my office computer.  Personal emails are on my home computer – and never, mark me, never the twain shall meet.

As for that office computer – I finally, albeit griping, moaning and groaning all the way, forced myself  from responding to email on any day that I AM NOT AT WORK.  The auto-reply tells folks I’ll get back to them, I don’t elaborate or explain, and people are finally beginning to get it.   

Whew – I feel much better putting this down on paper, it’s a monkey off my back, but I wonder if they sell patches for this sort withdrawal – ?   I could use a few – I could call my doctor – on my cell – in my bag – it’s a FREAKIN’ EMERGENCY FOR GOD’S SAKE !!!!!

(p.s. read how I really  feel about cell phones. )