I’ve lived in Big Cities and Small Cities.  So, let’ say a Big City has a population of over 1 million and a Small City, a population of under 1 million.

In NYC,  all the boroughs, except Staten Island, have populations of over 1 million, so that would make them all individual Small Cities.  Collectively, the population is a little over 8 million.  In the Heartland City, where I currently live, the population is about 800,000.

There are differences  in these Big City – Small City cultures.  Right off the bat, let’s talk about driving.

Stopping at a yellow light  in the Heartland can get you killed – rear ended at 80 mph – because no matter how far back the car closest to you is, unless they’re just pulling away from the red light at the previous intersection, they ARE going to try to make it through YOUR yellow light.

In NYC, a yellow light is a warning to stop – in 4 seconds – that’s it – no questions asked or needed.  You see a yellow light and you immediately slow to a crawl or instantly stop – and everyone behind you does the same thing.  If you’re the car behind me – you’d better do it too!

I don’t think there are any “turn on red”  signs in NYC – but I love doing that in the Heartland.  I think the simple reason for that no-turn-on-red law, in NYC, is that there are just too many cars on the street – the opposite holds true in the Heartland.

Some Heartlander  must have body-snatched a NYC/DMV commissioner because honking is now frowned on to the tune of $100.  I really miss it.  I used to go little Village nearby for that fix, but they got rid of the geese.  Bummer.

If you’re ever planning  a trip from the Heartland to NYC, and you do want to tell your friends and family that you drove in Manhattan, you can get all the practice you need, by trying to get to the Indy 500.   For this practice drive, you don’t even have to attend the race or  pay for a ticket, just travel around Georgetown Road, Crawfordsville Road, and nearby 16th Street   ALL DAY LONG, EVERY DAY   from May 1st through June 1st.  Yup – that’s NYC traffic everyday, every day!

And thanks to Bette Davis, I have the perfect opportunity to say, “Put on your seatbelt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”