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To improve my mental health ~

I resolve ~ to never hesitate a NY minute over ANY TV reality show, as I’m flippin’ through the channels.

  • No more  farm girls, bad girls, spoiled girls, or good girls whether they live next door or not;
  • No more bachelors, bachelorettes, obese, or emaciated contenders;
  • No more  nannies, survivors, singers, dancers, or wannabe idols;
  • No more hysterical chefs, hairstylists, or housewives;
  • No more  families in crisis, therapy, or with exaggerated, narcissistic personalities,
  • and for goodness sake,  
  • Never again a man w/a clock dangling around his neck or one with a bandanna on his head. 

I hereby resolve ~ to watch the Bonnie Hunt Show every chance I get.

And your resolution is ?